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My Web3


Head of community and growth at Bridge Network

On-chain community/social media Operation

Under this role, I helped the NEAR foundation to manage and grow its Guilds/community. In addition, I helped create researched content and was responsible for growing and managing social media like Discourse, Telegram, Reddit, Discord and Twitter.

Regional communication and community manager for MINA protocol.

Under this role, I helped MINA protocol manage their regional community and social media by creating appropriate content.

Social media manager for SputnikDAO

Under this role, I get a chance to sharpen my social media management skill to grow the social media channel of SputnikDAO for Six months.

Received community grant from the Graph protocol.

By utilizing this grant, I helped The Graph protocol to grow their community with education in 2020.

Received community grant and genesis grant from Mina foundation.

After becoming a top volunteer contributor to the MINA protocol in 2019, they awarded me a genesis founding member grant and a community grant for growing and educating their community.

Started my journey in 2016 as an evangelist of the following projects.

I'm an ex-evangelist of the following web3 and blockchain projects Polkadot, Algorand, Chainlink, Polygon, Staks, Oasis, Ankr, CUDOS, Paxful, and SKALE.


2013 - 2017

Bachelor of Technology

In 2017 I completed my graduation in engineering ( from the college Krupajal Engineering College, Bhubaneswar.

2016 - 2018

Have taken skill improvement courses

I have taken courses like digital marketing, social media management, and advanced startup building-related courses from shaw academy during the year 2016-18

2016 - 2022

Learned lot from my experience

Luckily I got lots of chances to improve my skills and experience in the blockchain and web3 space as a community and social manager where I gained my ability to prove my expertise.

& Expertise

  • Community management and strategy.

  • Community moderation.

  • Dev community collaboration.

  • Dev events.

  • Twitter, Discord, Telegram, Reddit, Crowdin, Crowdcast, Discourse, GitHub, etc.

  • Online/offline event.

  • Business development

  • Web3 Content writing.

  • Graphic design.

  • Telegram management and growth.

  • Networking

  • Excel sheet

  • Analytics

  • MEME creation.

  • YouTube management.

  • Ambassador program management.

  • Sense of humour.

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